Which way is the ‘Finger of Fate’ pointing for YOU?

Which way is the ‘Finger of Fate’ pointing for YOU?

You know what I love about you?improve

Your commitment to continuously improve your life.

How do I know this is true about you?

Well, you’re reading this aren’t you….

…which means that you’re interested to know about the best and most effective ways to reach your greatest potential (just like me!).  And for this same reason, I want to tell you that the end of August is very powerful and will propel us towards our destiny!

I couldn’t do what I do without the support of so many passionate people who enthusiastically believe in me and my work… The people who have the same heartfelt dreams that I have of standing in our own power and reshaping our own destinies.  People who watch and engage in my videos, blogs, books, workshops, retreats, social media and are part of my tribe.  People like you.

So thank you for always supporting and inspiring me in my mission!

But what about your mission? finger pointing

The end of August brings a rare, three way alignment between Mars, Neptune and Pluto.  When two angles of 150 degrees coincide like this, it is called a Yod.  The ancients used to call this a ‘Finger of Fate’.

Which way is the Finger of Fate pointing for you?

Yod does represent a special task or mission in life that you feel compelled to undertake.  It can be very challenging and there are usually many difficult circumstances and relationships in life, which seem to show a repeating theme, as if you are learning a lesson over and over in order to perfect something.

We may have been working on a special task or mission over many lifetimes, making mistakes along the way while learning the skills needed. This lifetime the skills need to be perfected and used in a constructive, selfless way to benefit others.

It is important now to develop a great sense of individuality and self-confidence.  You may have experienced playing the role of rescuer and the victim, over and over, until you develop an understanding.  The key now is to become aware of your inner standards of behaviour rather than conform to what is expected of you in your culture.   Maybe you have felt misunderstood or have felt aggressive towards others. It is time to let go of old habits of behaviour, in order to become involved in what is being shown to you on the horizon.

Whatever fork in the road you decide to take, there is no wrong and there is no right.  Just follow your intuition and if you are not completely aligned on your destined path, expect a universal kick to put you into alignment for your highest good.



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