What They Say

Here are some testimonials from people who know me and know my work. You may be interested in reading what they have to say:

I’m not able to find enough words to say ‘Thank You’. I’m so glad that I came to you for SRT and had my clearing done. Let me detail it exactly what happened; I was not able to make any decision in my life, before I came to you. I always remained in dilemma for every single thing. Which way to go and what to do. Even for the simplest thing, for example should I have tea or coffee? But now after your clearing, I feel so relaxed, calm and stable. I no more remain confused. The most surprising thing to me is, I never told you that I was facing this problem. I had only discussed about my daughter’s issue. Which now, I’m able to take it in a positive way. Heather, thank you so very much for all your help, your support even after the clearing session and unconditional love. You are an angel for me! Please keep blessing me!!! Thank you very much. Mansi


A retreat with Heather Prince is many things. Each individual person can take away powerful lessons. Life changing thoughts – about self- worth, doubts, opinions. Also about nurturing with nutrition and exercise. But most importantly about love. Love in its many forms, is what shapes our whole existence. Love of family and friendships- love of life and living the best and contented life you can possibly have. My personal journey was to overcome loneliness and the feeling of being different due to having no children and family or partner to share my life with. Heather has taught me to embrace my uniqueness and feel the love from all around me. I have always had a zest for living a full and healthy life but spend most of it alone. Heather has ignited my thoughts. Communication. Alone doesn’t mean lonely. Heather has also enforced my core belief that RESPECT is paramount. Respect for life, others, self and the universe. Always think positive thoughts. The mind is so powerful. So, believe in achieving, believe in yourself, and live and learn daily. Heather is a warm, powerful woman, definitely one of the universes light workers. She can bring to you many gifts- learn and love. A retreat can change your life. Tina Otte


I trust you are wonderful as always. Just wanted to say that I loved reading about your ‘Crown Chakra’ Purpose is understanding’. It was really interesting to read. I attended a workshop called ‘Aspects of LOVE’ with Mark Hughes playing his music and we talked about exactly this- how it’s important to remain open ‘at the top’, so open to learning and growth. I also spoke about answering my daughter’s difficult questions when my relationship with her father ended and how it was difficult to tell her the truth but this is what she demanded! And that something magical happened when we had the conversation. As parents it is our responsibility to nurture our children’s growth and your article has provided useful support to carry on doing this. Thank you!! Anon


Since September 2012 I have experienced certain health issues never encountered before for a woman of many healthy years of longstanding. With no medication whatsoever, what helped me throughout it all was meditation classes with Heather and the continued support and encouragement I received from everyone in the classes. With my determination and their love anything is possible. I am now ‘on the mend’ as they say and always look forward to my regular weekly meditation and the love we all share. If you haven’t experienced meditation before, please, please, please come and join us. Sandy


Today – Tomorrow
Today – the canopy of sadness is quite heavy covering my dreams and my life
It’s stationary, catching my tears coming from I know not where or why
But my heart is still bright amidst this human debris

Tomorrow – I am seeing the brightest sky
no canopy today just bright, spring flowers
stroking my cats, baking a cake,
Everything is joyful, I am me again.
I like tomorrows. Sandy


This is J and I came to see you two months back. I’ve just ended my job and am going to spend some time taking care of myself. It struck me recently that my relationships with my parents are going on well and I believe the session that we had back in November made a positive difference. Many thanks for a wonderful, and immensely interesting SRT session. I was repeating my mantra on the way home in the car, and actually felt very tired by the end of the day and had a good sleep. I went to a Xmas Lunch function today, and felt very positive and received a lot of compliments about how good I was looking, which was lovely. (I feel something has shifted in me) so it was very exciting. I do feel light and free! J. T

I am very happy with my session. I have already been able to ‘see things differently’, and act in ways which have helped my financial situation. It is very early days, but I have had two chances I would not have had before our session. Unless it’s an incredible coincidence!!! I feel different, which is important to me, and I am acting differently. I am sure things will keep on progressing. Thank you again. Vania


I have used Heather’s services for the past 6 years. Prior to that I was struggling with my business, no matter how many hours I put in nothing materialised. This started to change after my first couple of sessions with Heather, it didn’t happen overnight however gradually things started to click and move in positive direction. I now own and run a very successful business in something I have a passion for. Not too long ago I had a business issue that was going on for a year. I contacted Heather for a session, and wow, that same evening this issue was changing in the right direction, few weeks later the situation was completely resolved and I’m so much happier now. I am a firm believer is Heather and SRT, and I cannot thank Heather enough for what she has done for me. George London


With like-minded people on 10th May 2012, I visited Cae Mabon in Wales, an echo retreat centre. I carried with me a life time of negativity (glass always half empty!) and with (you’ve guessed) not much expectation. How wrong I was. The pure natural beauty of the place and its serenity, gave me an insight to my life I never had before. The few days I had there consisted of wonderful company, good wholesome food and excellent workshops. Keith, our host, was extremely warm and helpful (especially his talk and walk on tinctures and documentary) regarding nutrition. I could not have wished for a more contented and magical atmosphere and I came away with affirmations and memories that will last a life time. JUST FOUR WORDS – GO THERE BE THERE. Sandy Daly


I have known of Heather for well over a year but now our paths have collided in such a positive way not only for me on a personal level but through Athena, where Heather is now a member of the Chigwell group. Heather, is a unique individual with a big heart and passion to help anyone who is willing to receive. I recently experienced one of Heather’s services and was surprised at how easy it all was- Heather made me feel very comfortable and at ease during the whole process. With her down to earth attitude – Heather was able to get right to the cause of some real issues and quite literally -remove them! Her service is something you can’t explain – you just need to try it and see for yourself! Thank you, Heather. Stella Fehmi


When they say your prayers will be answered I believed but never thought it would manifest! After being drawn to heather after months of being on the mailing list and not knowing who she was I desperately needed help and I thought well I will give this a go! Being oblivious to the signs of the universe I went for some SRT and was so overwhelmed I went in despair and came out with a feeling of abundance. That weekend was by far the worst and best of my life. Within 24 hours my path was cleared after the therapy and I have never looked back! After following Heather’s careful guidance I joined the meditation class and in the past four weeks I have grown! I would more than highly recommend it is a must if you are questioning what’s going on. Don’t! Please see Heather she IS the answer to your prayers! N.B.


Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for doing my brothers clearing. He finally got a deal of the century on Friday and even got a promotion because of it! I really. Thank you and the Heavens for blessing my path along yours and meeting a real Angel. N.B.


J came back to us tonight after staying at his aunties. He was unusually bright and sparkling which he has not been for quite some time. I asked him if he had felt lighter that morning – and he said, “Nan, I don’t know why but when I woke up, I felt so happy”. When I looked at his face, it felt like we had got J back. Bless you, Heather, and thank you again. D (Nan to J)


When they say your prayers will be answered I believed but never thought it would manifest! After being drawn to Heather after months of being on the mailing list and not knowing who she was I desperately needed help and I thought well I will give this a go! Being oblivious to the signs of the universe I went for some SRT and was so overwhelmed I went in despair and came out with a feeling of abundance. That weekend was by far the worst and best of my life. Within 24 hours my path was cleared after the therapy and I have never looked back! After following Heather’s careful guidance I joined the meditation class and in the past four weeks I have grown! I would more than highly recommend it is a must if you are questioning what’s going on. Don’t! Please see Heather she IS the answer to your prayers! N. B


Wow what an amazing meditation journey last night. I just wanted to Thank You again for all of your help and support I had become lost on my spiritual path by allowing myself to become used by another ‘Healer’ who was meant to be my mentor or guide and I was treated really badly and had lost sight of everything and finally I feel like I am back on track on my spiritual Journey of healing. I have a lot of healing to do myself as a result of my experience and I have every confidence that I will get there. N.B.


I really wanted to thank you and really do not know where and how to begin to thank you. After I saw you, at the weekend we had a massive family argument that got really heated and intense. Everybody said what they felt and there was lots of tears and anger. However out of it my sister and I are talking again she apologised to me and I forgave her. Relationships at home are better than ever before, things are improving for everyone. My diary is getting busier which is great and I feel really hopeful for the future. The wealth affirmation is amazing – thank you thank you thank you. You have worked wonders on me and I am truly thankful. N.B.


Thank you for showing me more than I thought I could ever be. I feel so lucky to be able to be here in Scotland, every year gets better!  C.P.


You are the love and light in all our lives, without you I would not have coped and I bless you and thank you for the support and help you have given me. E.R.


You are inspirational and I hope that one day that I have a hint of that divine magic you have! J.S.


I can’t thank you enough for all the opportunities you have given me, for the retreats, the meditations, and the focus on self. You are truly a wonderful friend and as I’ve said before, an inspiration. Through all the personal turmoil and upset, you still manage to remain focused and positive and organise our retreat and I can’t thank you enough for that. Janet


I think the Meditation courses you run are fantastic and extremely informative. The Spiritual Release Technique you do is also brilliant (on an even deeper level). I would like to thank you for helping me obtain the following: Peace within, Positive boost, Belief in oneself, Insight, Inner knowledge, Feeling of support, Being able to release issues, Freedom – don’t feel so stuck, True happiness, Inner contentment, More idea of the meaning of life, Realisations, Able to untangle emotions, Simplicity of life, Balance – in all ways, Appreciation for life, Inner creates outer, Reason for everything, Less blame on others (they are a mirror), Feel more safe and secure, Inner knowing that all will be well as long as I think it will, Being calm and centred (well most of the time). Thank you for the above and for doing it in a gentle (not too “new agey”) way. I have been on a Spiritual path for nearly 20 years and never have I found a Teacher who has taught me so much in only a few months. Would be lovely if there were more people like you helping patients on the NHS. Thank you so much and may you go on to touch many others’ lives in such a positive way. N.


Thank you Heather for you kind words. Thank you also for helping to guide me for the past year, I feel like I have grown very much since doing your meditation and spiritual response therapy. I will always be in touch with you as I love your knowledge and understanding and wisdom. With lots of love to you always. Raina


As you may recall I was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2009 but decided not to follow the advised conventional treatment plan. I decided to return to the hospital last month to request further investigations, having not been there for eighteen months, and I’m delighted to report that the investigation & the biopsy taken have come back clear. I just wanted to thank you for the part you have played in this incredible healing journey & for being a beacon of light. Amanda J.


A big thank you for your help and healing through SRT. I feel much more relaxed and happier and have lost all the fatigue, feel very energised. It’s like having a hot cleansing shower, free now of all the negative energy I was carrying around with me. I feel so much lighter! You also gave me quite a lot to reflect on and am able to see it from a completely different perspective.  D.O.


Thank you. That was the most inspirational message I have ever read at a time in my life when I really needed it as I could not understand why people hurt me when I give love. It has helped me move on knowing there is that light within me which I never knew I had. People Like you make the world a better place. D.


You are my special angel Heather, you have changed the course of my life and how I see the world, you are defo doing god’s work, because through you and because of you all of the meditation/relaxation group that attend, are passing on your teachings! You must be very proud as I am to know you! I love you Heather because am today who I am because of you. Thank you my special angel xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx angel kisses. Michele


I want to let you know that I enjoyed the session that we had. You have helped me a lot and I will use what I learnt to help in my daily life and when challenges arrive. The red herbal infusion is also quite refreshing and soothing and it relaxes me as well. I will in future suggest a friend/relative/colleague etc to you, if they or I feel that they need an SRT. Louise


I just wanted to say how amazing your crystal healing session was. Since your session, my life and mood have been totally changed and I believe all my blockages have been removed and it has enabled me to move on. Also I can see clearly where I want to go and how I want to get there. I would recommend your session to anyone, but they must come with an open mind. Thanks a million!!!!! R.


I had a session with you two weeks before my collar bone operation. When I went to the Dr regarding my operation, where the Dr examined my bone and he agreed it had been healed and I don’t need an operation! I am very grateful to you and I am lucky that I had spiritual response therapy session with you. I found it is very helpful. Thank you very much. Ahmad


I really enjoyed your workshop, I came away feeling very calm and positive about my life. S.


After the therapy clearing, I am feeling much more positive, more like my old self. Thanks. Brian


I am writing you to THANK you from my deep heart for everything you have done for me!!!! I just had my pre-period time and didn’t even cry!! First in possibly in 10 years!!! I did not feel any miserable at all, I could laugh, work and love everybody around!!!! Just appetite has not gone away!!! :-)))) But that is just nothing, my husband was sooo impressed I was not a monster this time !!! 🙂 Thank you sooo much!!! My bad taste is GONE too!!! I wake up with fresh breath and going to bed with fresh breath!!!! I was waiting for it since I was 13!!! I tried everything and everyone, but ONLY YOU helped me to get rid off it!!! I am such a lucky girl that I have found out about you and your practice!!!! You are my ANGEL!!! (It does come back a little bit sometimes, but nowhere near as strong as it used be, and normally goes away) I guess it is just a matter of time and I just continue to have positive affirmations right?!! 🙂 You have changed my life, the way accept myself and gave more confidence to live the life I want to live! My priorities are changing, and now I more clearly understand what I want of my life and old ways of joy do not entertain me anymore!!! Thank you!!!


You are doing an amazing thing for the people, and Thank you very much for being there for us! We are blessed with you!!! N.S.


I have been attending Heather’s meditation now since January 2010 and can honestly say it has totally changed my life. By meditating it has helped me focus on changing my life around completely. I feel more confident to do the things I really wanted to do but never had the drive to do. I had a session of SRT back in November 2009 which kicked started my life change. I used to suffer from really bad pains in my shoulder which after having a session of SRT it completely disappeared. Heather is an amazing teacher and always helps lead people in the right direction. R. E.


I first had SRT in May 2009. I was amazed how it worked as I had never had this kind of therapy before. As I did not know what was involved I was open to all the help I could get. After all the clearing I felt a little lighter. I started attending Heather’s meditation classes which I really enjoy and I have learned how to relax. As I am going through menopause I need all the relaxation I can. The meditation really helped to have a good night’s sleep. When I went to Heather I did not have a goal as to where I wanted to go and when asked I thought as I was going to become a grandmother I will help to look after the baby. I become a grandmother in October 2009. I really enjoy looking after Jayan his smile just wins me over. I did tell Heather that I was looking for an answer or a path but did not know what. When I was meditating my intuition was telling me about healing. Angel cards also guided me in this direction. I have now joined a healing group and am enjoying it. I have also successfully completed FIRST DEGREE in the Usui system of REIKI on the 1st August 2010. I am now helping my family and friends. I appreciate Heather’s help and guidance. N.P.


I have lost 5lb in weight and feel great. Nayana


Having been diagnosed with ovarian cancer very unexpectedly in April this year, and knowing Heather from a Chakra workshop she led which I thoroughly enjoyed I made an appointment with her for SRT really knowing very little about it or what to expect. I went with an open mind and the angels who were and have been looking after me throughout this amazing journey. I intended to speak to Heather only about my health, as in the cancer, but found myself telling her about my flat which had been a source of stress to me for many years and also about a relationship which had just blossomed and appeared to be on hold out of reach at the moment. What I felt as Heather asked Divine Spirit for guidance was that she did everything in her power to help me. That in and of itself was a very healing experience. We were allowed to clear everything for the flat and I was given the message of 100 percent health. Though we were not permitted to clear anything for the relationship I was advised to do only positive thoughts on it which I have and still am doing.


My flat has since become in the words of one friend ‘a spiritual centre’ and my worries about the service charges are a thing of the past. I have had a lot of healing and a friend gave my lounge a wonderful makeover, I have been truly blessed but I do feel Heather also cleared some serious negativity from my home. I have had a miraculous recovery from the cancer, a combination no doubt of many things I was drawn to do, healing, diet, positive affirmations, visualisation, prayer, as well as chemotherapy and an operation, and also being drawn to see Heather. The explanation we were given about the cause of the cancer also helped me and I was advised I would go back once more when the time is right. I feel that instinctively to be true and I am extremely grateful for the wonderful healing and guidance I received, the effects of which are still with me now. Thank you so much. Xxxxxxx.


Thank you for the session and the lovely follow up email. I already feel much more happy in myself, my mind has stopped whizzing at a million miles per hour and I feel much more positive and confident and looking forward to the endless possibilities ahead of me now. I also sat in my garden this morning and had the most wonderful sense of being. I Feel like I have been connected to the world again!!!!! L.H.


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