What mask are you wearing?

What mask are you wearing?

I want to share with you a story about a client.

Jennifer could have won a Golden Globe.  She was an expert of putting on her mask and acting like everything was fine in her world.  Dressed in style, nails manicured and hair done, she looked the polished caring professional that she is.

Yet inside she had no idea what to do to get herself to where she wished to go.  And even then, she wasn’t really clear of where she wished to go exactly as there were so many ideas swirling around in her head.  But one thing she did know, it was anywhere other than where she was right now.

Her Dad was elderly and frail and needed to be taken to hospital appointments, the supermarket and out in general.  When he was admitted into hospital after a fall, she put her life on hold and was there daily.

Luckily Jennifer had a brother to share the responsibility, but he had work commitments.  Yet she too was keeping down a full time job with a financial target that right now felt insurmountable, which made her feel a failure!

Her daughter and partner had fertility issues and Jennifer felt heartbroken for her and helpless to resolve the possible childless years ahead. Plus the young couple had financial problems and Jennifer felt she should help, so gave them her savings, leaving an empty pot for the dream trip she had planned one day.

She came to see me with the belief that she was responsible for everything and everyone.  Jennifer felt and honestly believed that in her late 50’s it was too late to meet a loving and decent man, who wouldn’t want her anyway as she was overweight (she is a size 16 but in her head she may as well have been two-ton Tessie).

And as she was nearing retirement age, she believed that the younger staff in her office couldn’t wait to step into her shoes.  She felt the full responsibility of putting her life on hold whilst she cared for her Dad and all the promise to herself to eat healthily, go to a pilates class to help her painful joints, join a local choir and do something for herself went out of the window.

She felt overwhelmed and powerless to take back the reins of her own life, which resulted in emotional eating.

Talking to me in confidence (name has been changed) felt such a relief. Jennifer removed her mask and allowed herself to be honest with how she felt.  Sharing her situation, she allowed herself to cry.   The suppressed emotions were finally able to be released in a safe space.

During our time together, Jennifer gained clarity to what her ideal life would ideally look like, what empowering tools she could use and what blocks and beliefs needed to be removed that were causing the current situation.

The main key to resolve how she felt had to begin with herself.  She came to an understanding that we have no control over anything, other than ourselves.

This is where my “Inner Relationship” 7-day challenge helps people like Jennifer to begin.

Do you have a similar story?

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So you might wonder, what happens after that?

Need further navigation to get your dream life?

I will send you a personal email upon completion of the challenge where you can book a FREE Clarity session with me and receive a personalised action plan to get going. I would love to help you.

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