What is your theme and challenge?

What is your theme and challenge?

A theme or challenge is a set of lesssons we choose to work on in each lifetime and we choose the themes and challenges before we are born.  challenge

Craig was eager to discover his personal goal in life and using Spiritual Response Therapy charts and a dowsing crystal, it was discovered that his theme and challenge is Love and affection.

So what exactly is Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT)?  It actually offers us a radical, new way to clear the template of the body, upon which our physical, mental and emotional health depends. Many everyday aches and pains, as well as unwanted states of anxiety and high levels of stress, often have an energetic root cause.

SRT offers a precise way to thoroughly research and clear the contents of the subconscious mind, without any computer programsneed to stir up painful memories.

Craig asked if he had this theme and challenge of love and affection, because he failed to give love and affection in past lives, when he had the opportunity to do so.  The answer was yes.  So here he was again, in an earthly experience, willing to learn this theme and challenge, so it wouldn’t be necessary to repeat it ever again!

In SRT speak, we say that we are running programs, much like a computer does when you switch it on. Programs are nothing more, or less, than beliefs, perceptions and judgements. The negative ones bring about dysfunctional behaviour and the positive ones bring us the ability to move through life with grace.

Your core beliefs create your reality and the subconscious mind has no judgement. It simply records and replays negative thoughts, experiences and emotions as well as our positive ones. If there is a conflict or disagreement between the conscious desires held in the mind and the subconscious programming, the subconscious often wins.

Once you give the subconscious mind a message, it never lets go of the memory or command, until you deliberately tell it to release it. Once programmed, the subconscious mind is very zealous, powerful and exact in what it reproduces in your body, mind and affairs. In SRT, we only need concern ourselves with researching and clearing the negative messages, since the positive ones naturally bring us joy and harmony.

power1Another client, Sally had a theme and challenge which was, control and power.  She was in conflict with her husband Brian, who had the same challenge.  The conflict created bad feelings and distance in their marriage and Sally contacted me as she wanted it cleared in her Soul (Akashic) records.

Using Spiritual Response Therapy charts and a dowsing crystal, which links me to the client’s ‘higher consciousness’ (High Self), it was discovered that negative energy had originated in past lives in which Brian had exercised power and control over Sally.  This created resentment, guilt plus Sally had set up a self-punishment program.  All of this negativity was cleared in her Soul (Akashic) records and put into what is known ahand holdings “dead files”.  The conflict in their marriage dissolved and as I continued working with Sally, the two of them were able to achieve a closer more loving and balanced relationship, without having to be in control or overpowering with the other.

Themes and challenges can also be:-

  • personal integrity
  • sexual relationships
  • health/fitness
  • career/work
  • family life/children
  • affection/love
  • recognition/prestige
  • money/income
  • life meaning/purpose
  • security/resources
  • recreation/play


  • Break damaging patterns of behaviour
  • Dissolve minor and major health issues at the cellular level
  • Improve your personal relationships
  • Connect to inner guidance and spiritual support
  • Mitigate or eliminate phobias, allergies, intolerances etc.
  • Dissolve addictions/addictive behaviours
  • Remove blocks to positive self-expression, including love, success and abundance
  • Improve your self-esteem and sense of purposesrt

If you wish to know what your theme and challenges are and whether they are ‘blocked’, contact me to book a Spiritual Response Therapy clearing, which will be sent to you via email and includes a complimentary follow-up chat to answer any questions.  Having the treatment done remotely means you don’t have to be physically present at the time of your clearing. When working directly with your higher consciousness, there is no such thing as time or space.




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