What is a Chakra?

What is a Chakra?

Chakras are basically funnels through which we receive cosmic energy and grounding energy and through which we interralate with everything around us.  We don’t just receive through these funnels; we also give out through them.  Chakras are found within each level of our aura and therefore affect every part of our being.  When we are balanced and enjoying perfect health, all our chakras are flowing evenly and openly, all connecting with each other and pulsating together to create a unique glowing aura that resonates fully with everything and everyone.  Many people never know this state of health because they do not understand the blocks, rips and tears which have occurred in their subtle body or aura over the course of time.  Spiritual healing is all about learning to work with these chakras and learning how to heal the areas which may not be functioning fully at present.

There are 7 major chakras (some believe 8 with the thymus turquoise chakra) and 21 minior chakras.  There are also a great number of even smaller chakras.  A major chakra is described as a point where 21 lines of energy cross the body.  A minor chakra is where 14 lines cross each other.  it is believed there are more than 72,000 meridian crossing points.

Each chakra forms its own line of energy, which then connects to all other chakras.  This is important for you to realise.  The chakras are not separate entitities but all part of a whole energy system.  Each chakra only works fully when the other chakras are also fully engaged.  They are all part of a whole, hence the term “holistic health”.

So what happens if all the chakras are open and functioning fully:

You enjoy all of your physical, day-to-day life, you have a strong will to live and feel well-grounded in the present, appreciating your strong physical energy and vitality.

You enjoy relating to people, you have a fulfilling sexual relationship/you appreciate sensuality, you are aware of your sexual strength and drive and enjoy its presence

You have a great sense of belonging, you have an expressive emotional life which creates mental satisfaction and fulfilment rather than worry.

You have a strong capacity for loving others and are not judgemental or discriminatory in that expression, you feel connected with unconditional love to everyone and everything 

You have reached a stage in life where you no longer blame others for your own difficulties in life, you have reached fulfilment in your professional life, you go out and create what you want rather than relying on others, and live in truth & integrity.

Your spiritual concepts are fully formulated and you can “see” universal truth and understand where you fit into that plan and then carry out your work accordingly.

Your earthly personality has fused with all spiritual knowledge, you experience a state of bliss generally unknown to normal human experience and you “know” divine law without question or confusion.  

Does this not sound a pretty comprehensive guide for living life to the full?

This is what is meant by holistic health.




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