Value and Self Worth

Value and Self Worth

My intention for 2016 is to step back from judgement.  Who am I to say whether someone is right or wrong, what their behaviour says about them or to criticize or judge them based on what is going on in their life?i love me

In fact, I believe there is no right or wrong, there just IS. All of our life experiences are in fact for our learning and growth. How about you, what is your intention for 2016?

If you’re wishing for better relationships, it’s best to start with YOU, so you can understand the “inner relationship” you have with yourself.  

After the festivities of the holidays many people feel eager to start the new year on a fresh clean page.  new year

The result this month is that many people want to leave relationships that are not fulfilling their needs!  Leaving the person “left” feeling rejected.

You might not like what I’m about to say, but the truth about the issue of rejection is really quite simple.

We are being reflected back to us our lesson of totally loving ourselves. So it is reminding us what we need to be aware of in ourselves. By being rejected, we are in fact rejecting ourselves. So the energy is stuck until we do or say something to move it. Rejection has no power over you if you have full self-worth.

Having experienced a break up of a long term marriage (28 years), I had to go through that experience to understand and know that my value is not in what someone else THINKS I am, but in what I KNOW I am! I accept myself for who and what I am.

Each thing we experience prepares us for the next step on our path, so there can be no right or wrong steps because we take each one based on what we need to learn from that situation. What we learn from our pain prepares us to make a less painful choice the next time (or not, then we get to experience the pain one more time).self esteem

It would be wonderful if the Universe maintained a dialogue with us that guided us through the tough times, helped us with our difficult choices and made sure we were always on the ‘right’ path. And it does, through our inner guidance which we can hear if we are listening.

But what is the ‘right’ path? It’s the one we are on right now. Sometimes the worst thing that happens is the best thing that can happen and when we over-think, we prevent ourselves from seeing the bigger picture. Our inner compass will always point us to the path that serves our healing and we have a choice as to the amount of pain that involves.

I would like to challenge each of you, for one day, to look at yourselves in the mirror and tell yourself that you are gorgeous, talented, special and accomplished, to see yourselves in the same perfection that the Universe sees you with.

Then look at everyone around you and send your challenging life mates a special blessing and remember that they are doing the best they can in this moment, just like you. And then see how you feel at the end of the day. If you feel great, then do it the next day. Imagine what the world would be like if we all accepted ourselves and acknowledge our value and self-worth…day by day

Keep the faith, we’re all in this together and time is moving quickly. Become the observer in your life as you stay focused on your path.

In these interesting and transformational times, we can be overwhelmed by what is happening in our lives but there are always other solutions. Here are a few things to help you get through the difficult moments in your life:

  • Stay calm, focused, detached and aware and remember your thoughts are creating every moment of your life. Think the best ones.

As you ponder this and the other things that are happening at this time remember to:

  • Accept all gifts of understanding with gratitude and use them to apply forgiveness, release and healing to every situation.
  • Ask for guidance and confirmation and then wait for it to come to you.
  • Above all, be grateful for what you have right now.

If you still feel “stuck”, my new eBook “10 Magic Tips To Get Unstuck” is nearly ready.  I’ll keep you informed….

Wishing you a very happy, peaceful and abundant 2016!


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