Time to Re-Focus

Time to Re-Focus

This is a perfect time now that Jupiter has moved direct and abundance is on the increase, for you to stop and RE-FOCUS.refocus

How are you thinking and speaking about your present job or career?

Do you feel out of place where you are at?

What if you knew that how you think and what you say can shift everything…

teaGrab a drink and take a moment to answer the following question….

What would happen if you told yourself that you have, “The most important job in the world?”

What thoughts come up for you?

Do you feel miserable?  Feel stressed?  Feel worried?

Do you feel stuck?

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I believe that whatever you are doing right now….. administration work, delivering post, performing (singing/acting), reception work, recruitment, doing the dishes or running a business – that you can do it to your best ability and with this shift of mindset, it will change everything.  There is only YOU. You have the most important job in the world, no matter what it is…

youBE RECEPTIVE to feedback from your colleagues/family.

SOLVE PROBLEMS, DON’T CREATE THEM, seek solutions, rather than focusing on the problem.

BE AGILE AND OPEN, Enrol in courses to learn new skills, technology and programmes.

KNOW WHAT TALENT MEANS, ask your boss/HR department/agent to give you information on what is valued and what skills they believe will be needed in the future.

AIM FOR BALANCE, getting results is great, but not if it is at the expense of the values of the organisation you are working for. Do you know your company’s values?

THERE’S NO ‘I’ IN TEAM, don’t blame other people for failures. Share your success and give credit to others.

BE COMPLEX, show that you can deal with complex issues and problems.


crossroadsPerhaps you realise you are at a crossroads and don’t feel sure of which direction to take……

Then chat to me.  Book a FREE Get Unstuck Breakthrough Session now

Looking forward to our time together,


P.S Focusing on illness will never create health. Focusing on unpaid bills or an overdrawn bank account will not create abundance. Focusing our attention on a problem will only serve to magnify it.



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