Secrets of How To Have Successful Relationships In Life

Secrets of How To Have Successful Relationships In Life

In my last blog I mentioned that it was time for you to RE-FOCUS.

I trust you answered the questions about your current work and how you feel where you are at.

This week let’s re-focus on your relationships and how to have successful relationships in life – with your family, friends, colleagues, customers, neighbours and even the woman at the checkout in your supermarket.

I want to share with my HP Family a little about my mother, and her secret to successful relationships. My mother is one of the smartest ladies I have ever met, and someone who I grew up constantly learning from, and someone I love with all of my heart!IMG_0019 copy

My Mum made me understand that every relationship is a reflection of how you relate and interact with yourself.  She told me that happiness starts with you – not with your relationships with other people; not with your job; not with your money but with you.
She explained that your relationship with a friend shows you just as much about your ‘self-relationship’ as an interaction you have with a stranger, such as the woman at the checkout in your local supermarket or the guy who takes your payment in the petrol station.
She was married to my Dad for over 58 years! She has been best friends with her Sheila for 75 years! Her 2 brothers ring her daily.  Her neighbours are friends. And her 6 grandkids are constantly ringing her and spending time with her plus she is very much part of her 5 great-grandchildrens’ lives.  So she must know something….

She believes that everything is a reflection of your relationship with your inner being.  Therefore each relationship and interaction are different, yet they each give you the opportunity to realise how much you love, accept and honour yourself.

So many people think or talk about what’s missing in their relationship, instead of being focused on the positive traits of the other person and indeed the positive aspects of themselves.


I have taken what I’ve learnt from my Mum and from what I have experienced myself to create what I have called an “Inner Relationship” challenge.

If you wish to improve your relationships in life, then click here and register for the 7-day challenge.

Once you have registered, you will receive 1 email each day over a period of 7 days, giving you the tools for you to work on yourself, taking whatever time you need and working at your own pace.

It’s simple, it’s effortless, and it facilitates profound change in you.

I’ve been both on the receiving end of it; and the delivering end of it and seen deep transformation both personally and for my clients.

That’s why I call my on-line programs, high-impact coaching.

And what’s so brilliant about that? Because when the clients I’m working with experience profound transformation and change, those same clients make sure that other people find me, so I can help more clients, which I am passionate about doing!

Here is a recent picture of my Mum with all 6 grandkids.  My niece Nicole (far right) joined us from her home in South Africa to be at her big sister Natalie’s engagement party this past weekend, (Natalie is in the white suit).

I am delighted to announce that Nicole is pregnant with twins and is due in October.  Bringing Mum’s great-grandchildren total to 7!  She feels truly blessed.

mum May 2016

Michael, Elliott, Josh, Mum, Natalie, Jade, Nicole

Once you have completed the “Inner Relationship” challenge, make sure to leave me a comment with what you think.

With love,

Heather Prince

P.S.  Register now! By you changing, everything else will too!






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