What a wonderful energy as we entered the Global retreat centre near Oxford yesterday. You don’t need to know how to meditate to enjoy the incredible atmosphere when thousands of people come into harmony by thinking about peace for our world.

With beautiful music and inspiring words, its easy to feel lifted into a higher consciousness.

We had so much choice of talks; meditations; house tour; garden tour and cookery demonstrations we didn’t know what to do first! 

As we arrived through the gates we heard Laughter yoga, which certainly brought smiles to our faces.

We went to Lucinda Draytons talk about Authentic Self. Then off to food and soul to watch a demonstration on yummy veggie burgers. Followed by a mindset talk about Goodbye Fear. Then a garden tour in the stunning grounds, after listening to beautiful singing in the Chapel.

Everything was free including entrance; teas and biscuits plus all the talks/meditations etc. 

It ended with a World Peace Meditation with our thoughts sent to countries at war. 

Performers were Sudha, Lucinda Drayton & Andy Blissett from Bliss – with inspirations by Sister Jayanti – who felt like Mother Theresa energy as she stared at the audience! 


Lucinda Drayton“There’s something about Lucinda’s expression, her lyrics, her gentle, melodic tunes and her calming aura that suggest an other-worldly connection, as if she’s locked the secret to inner peace in each song.” 

 Sudha’s influences are from sacred music around the world: Hawaií, Native America, Sufi and Sanskrit tradition.


It made our heart sing, watching families enjoying the experience on such a warm, sunny peaceful day! 

And the home-made ice cream was worth waiting 30 minutes for! 

Blissful summer days…. 

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