New Moon on its way…..

New Moon on its way…..

I have recently returned from Gaunts House Summer Gathering and I was honoured to have run 2 workshops about the “Pursuit of Happiness” which had fantastic positive feedback!  And it was great to see everyone wearing mHeather at Gauntsy “Be Happy” badges!

For three days, I was able to embrace nature (we camped in our friends Caravan Awning!) – unwind, relax and contemplate life, whilst meeting interesting people, attending talks, singing, gong baths, meditations and workshops.  Then let my hair down every night, by enjoying the variety of music on The Woodland Stage; in The Ballroom or The Theatre.  Believe me, dancing under a canopy of trees bathed by moonlight, under a huge amount of glittering stars, is beyond words. And there’s nothing like enjoying a hot cup of Chai around a camp fire!  camp fire

The result of these few days is a great sense of peace, which brings me to you.  Are you finding your sense of peace?  Are you involved with my free 21 Day Peaceful Challenge on Facebook?

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new moon blessingsThis Friday August 14th we celebrate the New Moon in Leo.  A new moon brings new beginnings, a fresh start.  This new moon demands loyalty.  But loyalty to what?  To the creative within you!  What is hidden within you?  A story, a song, a picture, a recipe, a child, a plan?

Take some time out on Thursday 13th and gaze up at the night sky and discover what needs to see the light of day….

Let me know what needs to be let out!

Wishing you Peace







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