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My goal is to help you do what you love best.  I’m here to empower you to step it up, embrace your vision for your life and make it count!

Teaming up with CafeStyle Speedtraining – innovators of experiential learning, we are aiming to raise much needed funds for the Pennywhistle Project Foundation, which is helping homeless children in Nepal; supporting HOPE Foundation children’s home; providing shelters and clean drinking water, amongst many other things.

Why take part in this amazing challenge?

In our high technology, busy lives, we constantly multi task. It’s easy to lose awareness of the present moment as our thoughts juggle work, home, finances and other conflicting demands.

As humans we are often ‘not present’ in our own lives. We can fail to notice the good things about our lives, not hear what our bodies are telling us, or poison ourselves with toxic, self-criticism.

For this reason, mindfulness has been gathering much attention over recent years as a tried-and-tested method of reducing stress, anxiety and creating a state of well-being. By helping us to focus our attention on the present moment and not get swept up in worrying or negative thoughts about the past or future, a regular practice can help us to:

  • Learn to cope better with the pressures we are under;

  • Recognize the thoughts and judgments we make, often subconsciously, that generate more stress;

  • Find balance and a sense of calm and peaceful









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