Magnificent You!

Magnificent You!

Are you feeling magnificent?  I hope so, as there is such magnificent opportunity in the air right now.  What we focus on now, using our skills and talents in a constructive way, then rewards are definitely on their way.

So if for example you have been “clean eating”, detoxing, exercising – the rewards of weight loss; clear skin, more energy, etc will now be showing themselves.  magnificent

Whatever your challenges are right now, it’s time to deal with them, whether it’s weight; relationship; financial, work, fear or other issues.

I mentioned two weeks ago about the New Moon and setting your intentions.  We are now leading up to the Super Full Moon this weekend, August 29th – the first of 3 “Supermoons” in a row!   Super positive!  But you may be asking, what is a supermoon?  It’s a moon at its closest point to the earth.  So if you are feeling an emotional tidal tug, this is the reason why.

So I wish to remind you to envision and feel the life you desire every day. And if you completed my “21 Day Peaceful Challenge” during August, I trust you are continuing with those daily tools and you are feeling the peace within.

As I shared on my Facebook “Heather Prince Family Harmony Coach” page, Molly said

“I understand that all I can control is me.  There’s things like the weather that I have no control over, like an ill dad, divorced friends and the company I work for going public and making a lot of my colleagues redundant!

I recognise now that I can take a deep breath, step back and not react.  Doing your challenge, I thank you for allowing me to discover the tools to find more peace”.  


My daughter Jade with her protective two brothers (and baby Ruby)

The Full Moon also falls on the same day as Rakhi Day.  A traditional Hindu holiday that is now embraced by the world.  Traditionally, it’s the day when, under the watchful eyes of family, sisters tie a symbolic thread, or Rakhi, around the wrist of their brothers.  This signifies her gratitude to her brother for his acceptance of his duty to protect her in all circumstances in the coming year.  It is his reminder that he is honour bound to do so, and that his sister is thankful that he acknowledges this profound responsibility.  Mutually, they express their sacred devotion and love, witnessed by their family.

So on August 29th, all around the world, not only will brothers and sisters tie this know of binthreadding protection, but so will friends and lovers.  With this beautiful symbolic statement, community and service to one another will manifest and become our reality.

Please let me know how I can serve you….

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