It’s All About the Base…… – Chakras part 2

It’s All About the Base…… – Chakras part 2

In part 1, in my mini video of “What is a Chakra?” I explained they are basically funnels through which we receive energy.lotus

To make things simple, the chakra (energy wheel) is often liked to the lotus flower, with each chakra being assigned a different number of petals according to their meaning.  One of the reasons a lotus flower is believed to have been chosen is because this extraordinarily beautiful flower grows in the dirtiest muddiest of waters.  It symbolises how the beauty of the spiritual can transcend harsh physical reality when necessary.

The first (base) chakra has only one opening, downwards to the ground and the seventh (crown) chakra has just one, which opens upwards to the sky. Later in this blog post, I will explain more about the first chakra, the Base.

Chakras are like cogs in a clock.  We are the “clock” and they are energy wheels within us, even though we can’t physically “see” them.cogs

When a chakra is open, a vortex of energy swirls into the core-line funnel and is absorbed into the body.  The more open we are to a situation or experience, meaning the more involved or passionate we are about a particular scenario, the more open the chakra will be.  However, bear in mind that for the chakra to be a large gaping hole is as much of a dysfunction as a closed chakra.  When people use the expression of being “too open and vulnerable”, what they really mean is that the chakras are too open and too much energy is either being taken into the body or being released from it.  Awareness of the chakras enables you to adjust these imbalances.  We also give out varying degrees of energy through these same centres.

There are seven levels to your aura.  The seven chakras relate directly the seven layers of the aura.  This does not mean that the fcone stackirst chakra is the first level of the aura etc.  Each chakra is in each of the seven layers of the aura.  Thus the first chakra has seven counterparts radiating outwards from the body through the seven layers.  If you imagine seven ice-cream cone bases nestled one inside the other, it will give you a rough image of what is happening.

The Base Chakra (red) starts developing before birth and continues until 18 months.  Then there is a second development when we become more independent, between age 7 and 14 years; it’s literally about responsibility and “standing on our own two feet”, choosing healthy food to eat, drinking fresh water, breathing clean air and being in nature. Without this we create “dis-ease”.  The first chakra is the foundation for the entire chakra system.

Base Chakra

  • Gives us a sense of belonging and a connection with the Earth, as in keeping our feet on the ground and not being too much “up in our head”, which allows us to be “present” in the here and now.
  • It activates our creative energy and directs our “life force”
  • Works with blood circulation, metabolic system and muscular activity
  • Stimulates all levels of consciousness, therefore energizes and strengthens willpower


So how do you know if yours is opened and balanced?

A deficiency is when you feel

  • chaotic, disconnected, fearful, restless, anxious, disorganised, financial difficulty.

An excess is feeling

  • low energy, rigid in your ways and thinking,  fear of change or it may manifest as eating disorders…. too much or too little.

Physical symptoms will affect the lower part of the body, such as issues with your bowel, legs, feet, knees etc.

Why you may ask isn’t this Base Chakra balanced?  This could be due to

  • birth trauma
  • abandonment or physical neglect
  • poor physical bonding with your mum
  • feeding difficulties, malnourishment
  • illness or surgery
  • violent environment or physical abuse
  • Or inherited traumas – parents’ survival fears (war, poverty etc)

In order to create a solid foundation, we have to sort out the roots of our childhood.  For better or worse, these roots nourished and sustained us in our most formative stages.

So when a person feels “out of sorts”, I always check if their Base Chakra needs re-balancing.  How can someone feel “happy” if it is deficient or in excess.  The key to resolve any imbalance is vital for a sense of well-being.

The characteristics of good grounding, connection with our bodies and the physical world, self-nourishment, and self-preservation contribute to the ability to manifest prosperity.  I’m not talking about being mega rich here – I am talking about meeting basic survival needs in ways that offer security, stability and enough freedom to expand beyond survival consciousness.  This means being able to keep the rent/mortgage paid, keeping the car in good repair, keeping our homes clean and running smoothly and putting regular meals on the table.  This is about being able to handle basic demands of our earthly lives.

In my “7-Steps To Real Happiness” on-line course, I explain everything more fully and show you how to heal your first chakra by using easy meditation and simple step-by-step life tools.  Showing you how to open, strengthen and re-balance this chakra in Step 1.

Are you ready to take the Steps?

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