Is the grass always greener?

Is the grass always greener?

If I were to ask you who you think is happier in the following situations, how would you answer?


Someone living in a penthouse in Knightsbridge or someone living in a flat in Bethnal Green?

Someone who has a big house or someone who has a small house?

Someone who makes £40,000 year or someone who makes £150,000 a year?

Someone with 2 kids or someone with none?


A lot of people would say that one person in each situation is most likely happier, in general, than the other. But is this true?

According to The Focusing Effect – maybe not.

Happiness is about what you are focusing on.

this way

The Focusing Effect is a theory that says we, as people, tend to OVER focus on certain aspects of situations while ignoring or minimising others. This alters our perspective and makes it hard to see things as they really are.

It can also mess with our happiness.

In a world of fast-paced social media, academic pressures and high cultural expectations, personal happiness can be a fluttering butterfly that’s a challenge to catch!

But if we take a look at the way we think we might find some answers as to how we can learn to FOCUS on what will really bring us happiness in the end.focus

Remember, we’re in this together.

Join my “7 Steps to Real Happiness” course and within 7 weeks (1st September) your butterfly will be sitting on your shoulder.butterly on shoulder

Be Happy!




P.S. What do you think about The Focusing Effect? Has shifting your perspective ever helped you find more satisfaction and happiness? I would love to hear about it!


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