I feel bullied!

I feel bullied!

This week, as students get under way with their University course, I’m sharing a letter received recently, which may apply to you or someone you know.bullying

“Dear Heather 

I’m at University and am living with a bunch of girls who have turned bitchy to me and write comments about me on Twitter. I feel so unhappy and don’t know what to do.  Please help.”

I replied…

“I know it’s hard to accept at a time like this, but what you’ve been thinking and saying up until now  has created your reality.  The current situation is mirroring to you, stuff about yourself.

Do you have a deep core belief that “bad stuff always happens to me!”  Do you have deep core belief that “I’m always the victim!”???budda

So, what can you do, to create a better, happier life for yourself?

If you now feel “enough is enough” and things have to change, the change has to come from YOU, not the others, mirroring what stuff needs to be addressed within you.  It is time to connect with your inner power,to change this – and believe me, you do have it.

We each have power to do great things in life.  Everything in our life is in our control.  So it’s important to change the old recorded “answerphone message” in your sub-conscious mind to positive versions.

Instead of “bad stuff always happens to me!”  change that to a new belief of…

“Only good stuff happens to me!”

Instead of “I’m always the victim!” change that to a new belief of…victory

“I am always victorious in everything that I do”

By acknowledging your control and power, you can set strong intentions for your life. What are they?

Without intention, your life is without a strong foundation and I feel that is how you have found yourself where you are now. The lack of intention helped set your life adrift, like a pilot without a destination!

You will bring your life back into your control when you set your intentipassenger or pilotons for what you wish your life to be.

Perhaps you believe that miracles happen when you change your life.  Actually, the miracle is happening now, as your pain is empowering you to consider how to be in control of your life.

They are shifts in energy and as soon as you start considering how to change your life, you have set the positive energy in motion.

You cannot wait for things to change to start moving forward, you have to see beyond what is happening now to envision what you want  your life to be and to become.

I  know it’s hard to do when you feel you are walking around in the dark,  alone and afraid, but this is also a karmic cycle for you, giving you an opportunity to reclaim your power in the face of great adversity and to rise above your life situations, instead of falling victim to them.

Start today, so you can get the energy moving and look for victories, no matter how insignificant you think they are and celebrate each one. That will reinforce your intention and give you back your confidence.be the change

One day you will look back on this time and find that the miracle happened the moment you realized that you could no longer tolerate living this way and were in so much pain that you had no other option but allow change to happen. Sometimes that is what it takes for us to make changes in our life, our pain and unhappiness has to override our fear of transformation.

You can do this and now is the time to begin.

I can show you how.  Sign up for my 7-Day “Inner Relationship” Challenge and change your outer relationships by next week.

with love

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