Being honest with yourself makes you fearless.

HONESTThe Demon of our 5th Chakra (Energy Wheel) located at our throat, is lies.

A deficiency of this chakra is fear of speaking; a small, weak voice; difficulty putting feelings into words; shyness; unable to sing in tune and poor rhythm in general.
Does this ring a bell with you or someone you know?
To re-balance we need honesty.

It’s not easy to be completely honest all the time. Telling lies seems to be easier than being honest. But, you do not need to do so. You can learn how to be honest with yourself and others and stop telling lies, so as to make your relationships with others better.

throat chakra picYou may lie to people who you believe are better than you because you want them to respect you. However, if you are dishonest, sooner or later, the other people will know and you’ll lose respect altogether!

You may lie to avoid embarrassment or cover up bad behaviours. For example, if your father finds some drugs in your pocket, you might tell him that it belongs to a friend of yours, in order not to be punished.

Your father may believe you, but sooner or later, he will know that you do drugs. He will no longer believe you, and you will have to learn how to build trust again in this relationship. It’s the same when someone you trust says they are doing one thing, when in fact they are doing something deceitful. And one lie leads to another……

Admitting what you do sincerely is an important tip on how to be honest with yourself and others.

As we grow, we take on beliefs from our parents, teachers and close circle. As we become an adult we realise that actually we are disconnected from our core selves.

And all you end up with are other peoples’ beliefs, such as “you have to work hard to succeed”.
Maybe you have your own belief and agree with a different statement…. “you have to work SMART to succeed”.

HONESTY QUOTEKnowing yourself, becoming empowered and in control of your life, is the most important thing in the world. You can’t expect to find somebody who loves you for you, when you don’t even know who you are or what dreams you wish to reach for.

When you are projecting the core essence of yourself, you’re able to find things that suit and fit your needs. Things come together when you start to know yourself.
Being honest with yourself makes you fearless. The person you are isn’t so easily affected by negative opinions from others when you know yourself, because you don’t feel as though who you are is something that should or for that matter can be changed — so you don’t get anxious about what other people say. The root of caring what other people think is assuming what they think needs to change what you think.

There will be no need for lies/dishonesty, if you behave reasonably in every situation. Therefore, you should anticipate cases that bring you guilty feelings later. Guilt is the demon of the 2nd Chakra (Energy Wheel) second chakralocated in your lower abdomen. An imbalance, causes rigidity in your body and attitudes; poor social skills; fear of change and lack of excitement.

If you do not do anything wrong, there will be no reason for you to lie in the future. Learning to behave reasonably is another tip on how to be honest with others. If you behave reasonably, you will be loved by other people around you. You will then be able to experience true love and happiness.

If you never take the initiative to be honest with yourself, you’ll never know what you want. You’ll never excel at anything because you won’t be passionate enough to do whatever it takes. You’ll never be able to find your true essence that is YOU.

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