Hello December

HELLO DECEMBER!  There are only 4 weeks left of this year!xmas 15

December brings with it a rush of fresh new energy.  Far from being a slow-paced month, this one will feel like a whoosh!

The year 2015 in numerology has been a Universal 8 year, The Year of Action. A year that has pushed us to be leaders, entrepreneurs, abundant beings and mostly to know how valuable and worthy we are of our own success….

gratitude 1It is vital that you focus on gratitude right now, drop your excuses and prepare for 2016, The Year of Completion.

Personally, in gratitude, I would like to take this opportunity say a big THANK YOU to all of you who have accepted my Christmas Gift and have opted in for my FREE eBook.

If you haven’t yet, it’s not too late –  click here.

Like a snake, this is the time we are shedding our ‘old skin’ and letting go. You may feel really challenged right now, but stay in the moment and go with the flow, as much as you can.

It’s been at the core of my work to help people become empowered and fulfill their potential. Nothing is as fulfilling or inspiring as seeing someone recognise their own value and transform their life.

Have you taken charge of your life? Perhaps you are in the process of great change? I know that I am right now and I am inviting you to a FREE chat with me on Tuesday 8th December or Wednesday 9th December, where I will be in Belfast taking calls for “Breakthrough to Happiness Strategy Sessions”, lasting approximately 1 hour.

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nineThe numerology number for the new year 2016 is 9.  Next year is all about bringing the positive traits of being friendly and pleasant. Having humanitarian instincts and a giving nature, being selfless and having a creative expression and being willing to do good work. This number is also known for writing talents. So if you’ve been saying that you’d like to write a book or poetry, now is the time to get started!

Be aware that the negative traits for a 9 year, are having scattered interests, being possessive, wanting peer attention, being careless with finances and a general moodiness.

If you wish to be the Captain of your life and know how and where to steer it in 2016, I can show you a step by step process.  But it wont stop there, because not only do I SHOW you the steps you need to take, but I’ve also provided a follow on program of personal “clearing” of the bugs on your personal hard drive, to help you feel a sense of well being and happiness in double quick time.

I want to share one of the most common questions with you, and answer it personally.

The question is….

“Is there NEW material in your 7 Step program, or does it just explain more about what I already read and learned in your eBook?”

The short answer is, this is ALL-NEW MATERIAL.

I spent the better part of a year putting this program together from scratch and focusing intensely on how to make sure the material and exercises in it would bring instant benefits to any person experiencing real life challenges with relationships, finances, health, work etc.

Then I presented the program to a live audience of real people who probably share a lot of the same fears, frustrations and desires that you do.

Honestly, the response to the program was AMAZING.  Plus, it just felt great to see the learning, change, awareness and growth each person there found with my help and guidance.

All of which is available to you to experience at your own pace, from the comfort of your own home.

heroSo, snap on your cape, grab your boots and Hero costume and follow me.  We’re going on a journey.

You can get instant access right now for an appointment on Tuesday 8th December of Wednesday 9th December – click here 

What excites me about this brand new toolkit is that we made it specifically in response to all the community feedback we’ve been getting….

On what’s STILL keeping so many of us unhappy – no matter what personal growth tools or methodologies we use.

And so, from visualizations to eye-opening mind and journaling exercises… every single tool in this kit has been carefully chosen with YOUR personal challenges in mind.

Best of all you just need a little time each day to regain balance and well being in your life using this toolkit.

Nick saysdesperate
“Before I did this course I was so desperate for love that I settled for less than I deserved; constantly tolerated bad behaviour, hoping that my partner would change.  Yet by not standing up for myself, I actually gave her permission to treat me poorly.  Now I understand this and working on myself has changed everything in my life.  The program has been a catalyst for positive evolution and change.”

Join everyone are saying YES to Happiness!

You can get instant access right now for an appointment to chat to me on Tuesday 8th December or Wednesday 9th December – click here 

And I’ll look forward to hearing your success story in 2016

Speak soon…



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