A great summer read

A great summer read

I’ve always loved burying my head in a good book, ever since I was small.  And now that I’m a Grandma of 5, I love sitting with them and 0001-17086159sharing story time. Pure pleasure!  

There are many brilliant books but one in particular stands out in my mind as life changing for me and my beliefs.  An amazing book called ‘A Child of Eternity’ by Adriana Rocha and Kristi Jorde
It changed my beliefs about life and people born with disabilities.
dnaFrom what I now understand, once the soul has decided to incarnate, there are certain codes that are planned to go into the #DNA of the physical body. The purpose is to establish those codes in the body that will cause certain physical results. For example, if the soul needs to face the challenge of Autism or some other form of deformed or limited body, they would encode those factors that would cause the parents (according to the human and the medical industry’s perception) to produce such a body for the soul’s needed and chosen experience.
Once the soul has completed the experience it has chosen, the codes need to be removed or they can affect later experiences of the soul, which is what I specialise in.
The book is about the mystery of divine love, the mystery of human connection, and the mystery of a reality that exists beyond our five senses. In A Child of Eternity, you will learn about a remarkable young girl who, against impossible odds, brings a message the world desperately needs to hear.
On December 8, 1981, Kristi Jorde gave birth to her first child, a beautiful baby girl named Adriana. But as the months and years went by, Kristi began to wonder if something could be wrong with her daughter. Experts insisted Adri was normal. Not until she was four years old did an astute doctor diagnose Adri’s problem. Adri is autistic.
Kristi soon learned about Facilitated Communication, a keyboard technique that allows autistic people to communicate with others. Adri’s first attempts at Facilitated Communication astonished her mother; clearly, Adri had long been aware of everything around her. Then something happened that was so startling, so breathtaking, that Kristi could barely believe it. Adri began to tell Kristi about her past lives, about the concept of spiritual masters–and about the guides that were available to help Kristi on her own path to enlightenment.
Confused at first, Kristi was soon overcome by the authority and truth that emanated from Adri’s writings. The body of knowledge that Adri possessed, and was now sharing with her mother, broke all the boundaries that Kristi had always held.  
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 P S  Please note that this is pure recommendation from me,  I’m not earning a penny by suggesting you read this bookbook

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