thanksgvingHey it’s Thanksgiving week and it’s all about bringing gratitude into your life.  Being thankful impacts more than just your personal life, as it reflects in your working life/business and society.  I want to thank you if you have already opted in to read my FREE eBook.  If you haven’t click here 

To be grateful:-


  • It’s important to be aware, to pay attention to the positive and negative in life.  Rather than focusing on the negative, shift your mind onto the positive.
  • Lower your ego.  If you watch ‘I Am A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here’, have you seen how gi-normous Lady C’s ego is!!! Whew!  Be humble, modest and respectful.
  • Make a commitment to showing gratitude.  Stop complaining, criticising or judging.
  • I encourage everyone to keep a journal.  Write at least 3 things you are grateful for every day.
  • Give people compliments and make them “feel” good.
  • Do something from the heart, like volunteering, caring for a neighbour or visiting a lonely person.
  • Learn something new everyday.
  • While being grateful, be sincere.  It feels much better.

I am writing 9 Tools For Gratitude that you can focus on.  One Tool each day for 9 days. I’ll keep you informed when it’s available.

Meabook_cover (1)nwhile why don’t you opt in for my FREE ebook and let’s have a chat about why you wish to feel happier.  I have kept Tuesday 8th December and Wednesday 9th December completely available so that I can chat to you privately in a FREE ‘Breakthrough to Happiness’ session.  When you opt in you will be able to book the time that’s most convenient for you.  Trust me, everything is completely confidential.

I look forward to talking with you.

Be happy


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