What if we gave GIFTS of TIME?

What if we gave GIFTS of TIME?

We have an extended family and this Christmas there will be four generations around our dinner table! We can cross off four of our birthdays in October alone! Then Christmas and another two birthdays are taken care of in December. Huge expense!

I know my favourite thing about presents… it’s giving them. I spend extra time and care thinking about giving gifts. I try to be thoughtful about my own gift-giving and I know how difficult it can be to find that perfect gift sometimes.

What if ….we gave GIFTS of TIME?

The gifts of experience and adventure, instead of things (clothes, smellies, toys or games) that people didn’t even really know about or want? The only thing I truly think we each need is quality time with those we love.

So, starting now, this year, before the holiday season begins, I’m beginning a new tradition. I’m going to give time….

I’m not going to tell you what to do, or what to buy… but here are some suggestions:

Instead of buying my grandkids a toy animal, I will take them to the zoo. To spend some time with them and make memories will last a lifetime.

Giving time for babysitting, will give my kids freedom to do something they enjoy.

With my granddaughter, Instead of buying gingerbread men, we’re going to create a gingerbread house and make paper chains.

Or if they are elderly, take them a meal and spend time eating with them. Put some music on and enjoy a sing-song!

Don’t have a lot of money? How about just spending some quality time with those you love? Set a day and go for a walk in the park or forest? Or go on a bike ride. Or watch a film at home with home-made popcorn. Or visit a friend. Invest in your relationship with them.

Maybe your life is really busy, so this isn’t possible, so why not contribute towards one of the (shockingly expensive) activities that people you know participate in? Gym/swimming/dance/Piano/drum/singing/guitar lessons?

There is nothing more precious than your time. Yesterday is history. Tomorrows a mystery. Today is a Gift. That’s why it’s called the Present.

Wishing you happy holidays


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