Focus On Yourself First

Focus On Yourself First

frenchThe awful news of the killings in Paris has affected us all, especially those of us who are sensitives and empaths, who feel more pain than most.

So many of you have contacted me to ask what can you do.focus on yourself

To uplift humanity, we first have to uplift our own life first.  It is important to focus on positivity at this time and away from negativity arising from the root cause of FEAR.


  • Focus on 1think positive positive in your life.  Anything that makes you feel excited.  Focus on this 1 positive and be mindful of keeping your mind on track with that focus, making it real and vibrant in your mind.
  • Turn off the news on TV today and do not read the newspapers. It’s so easy to absorb all the negative energy, without realising it.
  • After focusing on your positive for at least a whole day, become aware tomorrow of noticing how much “lighter” and uplifted  you feel.
  • Take some time to MEDITATE.  You don’t have to follow any particular religion or philosophy to meditate, and nor does meditation have to involve sitting cross-legged on the floor while chanting in a language you don’t understand. Ultimately, meditation is just a mindfulness practice that involves calming your thoughts and emotions so you can be in the present moment. Meditation alleviates stress and anxiety, and creates a sense of peace and tranquility of spirit. That inner peace reflects upon all other facets of life: you may have more patience with others, or have greater self esteem, or even just be able to appreciate the little bits of beauty you come across instead of being swamped by all the negativity in the world. CLICK HERE for FREE Acceptance Meditationacceptance
  • Light a candle of gratitude and focus on what you are grateful for.

Let me know how this feels.

Sending Love and Peace to you all.





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