Your feelings give you direction in your life

Your feelings give you direction in your life

circle1What a month of global change we experienced in June.  For those of you who are aware of Numerology, 2016 is a Nine Universal Year (2+0+1+6=9) and we are wrapping up what began in 2008 (which was a One Universal Year (2+0+0+8=10 and 1+0 = 1).

I had a fantastic chat in June with Frea, Numerologist, who explained that all of life moves in nine-year cycles.  She is part of my team in the “9 Step Core Transformation Program”. CLICK to book a FREE Breakthrough Session with me, as I have three VIP client spaces available this month.

If you think of a circle starting at number one (beginning) and completing at number nine, the circle itself representing zero or the potentiality of everything, you can better understand the life-cycle experiences, we travel through each year.

So nine is all about accepting and trusting the bigger picture, even though the future is unknown.  So whether you voted “in” or “out” in the UK and are feeling victory or disappointment, the energy right now is asking you to accept and trust.  This year is about letting go and completion.  Many of you may have trouble accepting and putting this into action.    But I assure you that it’s so good and important for our spiritual growth to trust more and worry less.  Being uncomfortable can work as a catalyst to us living the purpose we came here for.  It’s important to move from your “head energy” down into your “heart energy”.  Trust your heart knows what is right.  When you lead your life with your heart, with your head assisting, the sooner you can relax.

heart energyYour feelings give you direction in your life.

Our life choices are rooted in trust. It’s a matter of how much we trust the people around us. It’s also a matter of how much we trust ourselves.It’s a matter of trust.

Our trust is developed or destroyed by how we interpret the events and experiences of our lives.

As newborns, our first inclination is to trust. After all, we don’t know any better. We enter this world immediately dependent on those around us to tell us how to navigate this world we are born into, and as result we are subject to their interpretations of this world through their actions toward us and their choices for us. Our first and deepest emotional impressions come through our “families”, through birth and/or circumstance. These are the people who give us life and give us the environments which surround us in our earliest and most formative years set the tone for our own personal choices and therefore, for our lives.

The thing is…they influence our choices. And as we grow older and become better acquainted with the world we live in, we learn that people are who they choose to be, things may be what they are, and things happen the way they happen. We may also learn that it’s how each of us choose to feel about those people and events, and how we respond or react to those feelings that give those people and things power and influence in our lives.


“I came to see Heather because I was self-harming.  The core root discovered was that I didn’t trust.  I didn’t trust because my birth mother gave me away.  If I couldn’t trust her then how could I trust myself?  I sabotaged my relationship with my adoptive parents; my adoptive sisters and any guy that wanted to be in relationship with me.  Going back generations, my birth mother had no trust, as her childhood lacked trust and so it went back generations….  Heather cleared my Soul Records and everything shifted.  She gave me tools to start to build trust again.  Firstly, with myself and then with others.  I can honestly say I love myself more now than I ever have before and understand that the Ancestral Healing Heather did has cleared the energies, so that when I have my own children they will not be affected”.  A.C 

trustYou may have grown so accustomed to feeling certain ways and believing what you believe that it’s scary to think about changing it now. You know what you know, you are who you are. It’s safe and comfortable. It’s easier to protect what you know than to be vulnerable and take a stand for what you don’t know but want to know as your truth. Even if what has been doesn’t feel true for you, who are you to change it? Who are you to say differently?

You are who YOU are…and you have a say in the matter.

Yes. You have a say in the matter of your life. You have say in whether you stand for your true feelings or not.

So, who are you choosing to be? How do you feel about your life?

And if you don’t feel good about who you are being, what you are doing, or what you have:
Who are you going to be to change that?
What are you going to believe to change that?
What actions are you going to take to change that?
And are you choosing to trust that those beliefs and actions are right for you, and are you choosing to trust your (positive) feelings about them?
Your feelings influence your choices. Your choices give you direction in your life. Therefore, your feelings give you direction in your life.

Recognize how the people and things in your life may have influenced or may be influencing your course, for better and worse. Pay attention to how you feel about their influence and about them. Trust your deepest and truest feelings in making your choices for the direction of your life’s journey.

meditate in natureThis month of July is the perfect time to spend some time meditating in nature. Smell the green grass and feel the strength of a tree against your back. Listen to the songs of the birds- their sounds hold many codes to expand consciousness. If you have a loved one, invite them to a picnic. Sit on the earth and feel energy move through you. If you are not in relationship, invite friends, or treat yourself. Give thanks for what you have in your life at this moment, and prepare the way for “the new” to come in.

What would you like to manifest over the next month….

  • emotionally?
  • Psychically?
  • Materially?
  • How can you best midwife your own creativity?
  • Are you truly expressing your heart in your most significant relationships?
  • Are you in a satisfied relationship with yourself?

This month, ask yourself….

  • What do you need to receive?
  • What do you need to release?
  • What do you need to heal in your life?

We live in a universe of cause and effect. Every action has a reaction. What we sow, we reap.

Be grateful for what you have manifested in your life so far, to help you redefine your “mission statement” for the future; and to aid in releasing what no longer serves your higher purpose.

I am offering a FREE Breakthrough Session to help you gain clarity.  It’s free, it’s not going to take longer than an hour and it is aimed to help you move forward.  It you want to take me up on this offer, click here and schedule your call with me. 13015241_1015186935227785_4079617992812791591_n (1)

Enjoy July!








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