Do you hate your body?

Do you hate your body?

It’s that time of year again – London Fashion Week and apparently the top snack is advocado on toast!self image

No wonder the models are skinny!  Which brings us to the old debate of whether our models should be skinny or not.

Some believe it’s a negative influence….

“…With designers allowing super skinny models to be models for them, that makes youngsters want to starve themselves just so they can be beautiful. They’d think that it’d be okay to be that skinny. It’s wrong!”

Yet  31% say no –

“Why should the fashion industry do such a thing? It doesn’t make any sense. Body image issues? Maybe we should teach people not to be such consumerist and not think that banning this or that certain commercial product or ad is really going to change anything. People have to start thinking for themselves”.

 What do you think?

How do you see yourself?  Too tall? Too short?  Too fat?  Too skinny? Too wide?  The list is endless…..

Do you have a real honest view of how you see yourself?

Do you look in the mirror and love what you see?mirror

Or do you obsessively look in the mirror and criticise what you see, leading to low self esteem?

Do you constantly compare yourself to other people?

Are you envious of a friend or celebrity’s body?

As a child we form perceptions of our body’s attractiveness.  We get feedback from our peers, family and acquaintances.  Perhaps you have the personality traits such as perfectionism and self criticism?  These can also influence the development of a negative image of your body.

With all my years of experience, working with people with low body image, it is vital to learn to love yourself1

Otherwise you will be stuck with the problem of a distorted body image.

Recognising and acknowledging your feelings and accompanying body sensations will help you become more comfortable in your body.  It will lessen the tendency to suppress feelings and revert to unhealthy, negative inner dialogue to escape uncomfortable feelings.

Here are my five top tips….

STOP comparing yourself to others. Everyone has something they wish they could change about their body. Wishing you had someone else’s thighs or curly hair or smile takes away from what is uniquely you. It will make you feel better if you bring to attention the qualities that you do like, such as your eyes (use mascara) or your hands (glitzy rings).eye1

FOCUS on what you have the power to change. Rather than spending your energy on wishing you were shorter/taller, redirect your focus on something you can change, like toning up with a spinning or yoga or pilates class, or joining an art or educational course to improve your talents.

TREAT YOURSELF NOW – Are you waiting to lose weight before you buy any new clothes? If you’re wearing the same old outfits that make you feel drab, pick up a few different clothes, like a casual jacket, fashionable footwear, or some nice scarves or jewellery that will brighten your image and make you feel better about you now.

BEAUTY – We all gain pleasure from being in a beautiful environment at home or at work. Treat yourself to some fresh flowers on your desk or table, add some pretty cushions to your sofa, play your favourite music while cooking dinner, and drink mineral water out of a nice wine glass! tulips

SELF CARE –The more you love and take care of what you have now, the more likely you’ll move in the direction of self-improvement. Schedule you-time to take a warm, soothing bath, massage your skin with soothing cream or oil, read an inspiring book, or write in your journal and be grateful for all you have right now. 


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