What Dirty Laundry is poisoning your life?

What Dirty Laundry is poisoning your life?

In my last blog, I spoke about ‘Childhood Imprints’ preventing you from achieving the results you want, even though you feel that you are doing everything right!

dirty laundry

So today, I wish to share a story about ‘Inheritance’

Inheritance is usually a belief that you picked up from another life and carried over into the present life. Before you stop reading, let me just say that you don’t have to believe in past lives, for the clearing therapy, that I specialise in, to work!

Another common source of inherited beliefs is your parents’ genes; grandparents programs and it can go up to eight generations back!

old thinkingYou can also inherit a belief from someone else by associating with them and accepting and believing what they say.

You are energy and are aware of all that is being thought, felt and acted out by those around you and whether you are aware of it or not, this does affect you on a sub conscious level.

Clearing an Inheritance program is in fact clearing the accumulation of negative experiences and energy from other lifetimes.  It is like the “dirty laundry” you packed up and brought with you into this lifetime.

So let me share a story…

Jane (not her real name as everything is highly confidential), joined my 9-Step Core Transformation program because she was physically abusive to her daughter and emotionally abusive to her own inner child.

It was discovered, using Spiritual Response Therapy that Jane had many past lives involving child abuse, which resulted in energies of hate, bitterness and abuse toward herself, which caused her inner child to feel neglected and abused.  story

In her current life as Jane, she was running inherited beliefs of hate and bitterness toward her daughter and herself.

I am pleased to share that since clearing her programs; working on her inner child and guiding her with life tools,  Jane is now building a good relationship with her daughter and her own inner child.

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The first step to overcoming your Dirty Laundry is to know what is in the basket and working with me, I can delete them and open you up to feel –

Freedom, Abundance, Love, Joy, Personal Peace, Health, Prosperity and Personal Fulfilment.




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