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It’s All About the Base…… – Chakras part 2

In part 1, in my mini video of “What is a Chakra?” I explained they are basically funnels through which we receive energy. To make things simple, the chakra (energy wheel) is often liked to the lotus flower, with each chakra being assigned a different number of petals according to their meaning.  One of the […]

What is a Chakra?

Chakras are basically funnels through which we receive cosmic energy and grounding energy and through which we interralate with everything around us.  We don’t just receive through these funnels; we also give out through them.  Chakras are found within each level of our aura and therefore affect every part of our being.  When we are […]


Many people I’ve worked with have struggled to understand exactly how blockages stop us from raising our vibrational frequencies and attracting the experiences we want out of life — let alone understanding why it needs to be cleared regularly. I like to use this analogy to explain it. Your mind is like your home. [thumbnail […]

DON’T LIKE YOURSELF? by Heather Prince

Research plus my experience of working with clients, has shown time and again that it’s difficult to be happy when you don’t like yourself. Some people may have had the experience of abusive parents who prevented them from developing a healthy self-esteem, while others grew up hating themselves because of their physical disability or physical […]

Healing SRT

Why choose me? by Heather Prince

People ask me, who is my typical client? There’s a common misconception that people pursue therapy because they are ‘crazy’. The truth is – most of those who seek therapy, are basically ordinary people struggling with common, everyday issues. Some of them are simply looking to have guidance on identifying specific goals and issues they […]