Let Go of Toxic People in your life

I would like to share with you recent feedback from someone who has completed the “inner relationship” challenge and what they learnt from doing it………….. “Dear Heather I really felt the importance of letting go of toxic people and trying to please them by living up to their expectations.  This was a big challenge as […]

Shift in Power

The New Moon in Virgo last Sunday (13th September) came with a twist – a partial solar eclipse, that some people believe is an omen.  It signified a  ‘shift in power’.  In ancient times, this usually meant a battle was about to be won or lost. Now it’s viewed, a little differently. So ask yourself….. […]

What is your theme and challenge?

A theme or challenge is a set of lesssons we choose to work on in each lifetime and we choose the themes and challenges before we are born.   Craig was eager to discover his personal goal in life and using Spiritual Response Therapy charts and a dowsing crystal, it was discovered that his theme […]

September Review

September 2015 is a dynamic, passion-filled month, with surprising changes and sudden events. Everything is now up for review as Mercury is in retrograde, while Venus and Pluto change from retrograde to direct motion. Clear communication is the key this month.  This will push you to clear up any uncertainties, doubts, confusion and misunderstandings in […]

Which way is the ‘Finger of Fate’ pointing for YOU?

You know what I love about you? Your commitment to continuously improve your life. How do I know this is true about you? Well, you’re reading this aren’t you…. …which means that you’re interested to know about the best and most effective ways to reach your greatest potential (just like me!).  And for this same […]


Are you up for the Challenge? CLICK HERE TO REGISTER   My goal is to help you do what you love best.  I’m here to empower you to step it up, embrace your vision for your life and make it count! Teaming up with CafeStyle Speedtraining – innovators of experiential learning, we are aiming to […]