Avoid Problems before 25th January!

Avoid Problems before 25th January!

Since 5th January we are in a Mercury Retrograde.  communication 4During this time, be aware that there may be problems that tend to occur during this cosmic event. The retrograde period is when the world seems to go haywire with mis-communications of all types. Our intellectual, communication and mental processes are not as sharp as usual. We can become careless, make mistakes or be forgetful.

So just be aware that right now it will feel like taking one step forward and three steps backwards.  It gives us the opportunity to rethink our actions and even “fix what might be broken.”

Until January 25th, it is a time to review past ideas and insights you have had, activities you’ve been involved with, projects that you are working on, communications with others and all the decisions you plan to make. Spend some time to reflect on each of these areas.

The question is: “Have I missed something?”

This is an excellent time to review, research, revise, re-evaluate and reconsider all your plans so you can make more successful decisions when Mercury goes direct on January 25th.

Meanwhile just be aware that:-

It is common to experience losing things, travel delays and problems with technology. (Things don’t work, poor planning creates long waits; and you’re likely to be more careless than usual.)

Take extra care when communicating with others, so that you avoid misunderstandings that cause arguments. (You’re more likely to be impatient or be misunderstood.)

At this time mistakes are prone so slow down and re-read any emails or documents. (You’re mistake prone.)

It is also common that people who you knew in your past come back into your life. (Even though you may have forgotten.)

If you have a decision to make now about a new job, there may be details missing, so wait until after 25 January. (You may find the information you’ve been given is not accurate)

Make sure your car is in good working order before using it. Or if choosing a new car, wait until after 25 January. (Cars break down)

Wait until signing any legal contracts or documents.document (There’s something you don’t know that you will when Mercury goes direct on January 25).


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