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The Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

As I look outside and admire the blue sky and spring sunshine, I count my blessings that I have a home and all my family are safe. I have to blog today about the recent earthquake in Japan because I know that it’s on our minds right now as we watch the images of total […]

Animal friends

I own two dogs.  Bella is a 3 year old Doberman and Vito is a 8 year old large Yorkshire terrier; or maybe a mix of something… we’re not quite sure!  Bella has her name because she is “beautiful” inside and out , but she’s very much a typical dog- she loves chewing bones, playing ball […]


Occasionally I receive negative feedback from someone and I appreciate their taking the time to write.  I must admit that receiving criticism telling me that “I would be stupid and blind to not realise that something was wrong with ……….” was a little shocking, but of the many who may be open to the therapy […]


Keeping fit isn’t gym’ll-fix-it, ipod-tethered (I don’t own one!), shoulder to shoulder with fellow cardio pounders. I don’t enjoy using a cross-trainer in the gym with my heart pounding out of my chest and my lungs about to burst; my thighs shuddering and sweaty dripping armpits.  Five minutes is more like 500 years. Give me […]


For the last few years it has been a privalege to take groups away on “retreat”.  It’s been mainly women who have been attracted to “work on themselves” and gain greater understanding of life and their own power to create what they wish.  There have been a couple of men who have attended and their […]

Can a leopard change its spots?

I’ve always questioned whether a leopard can change its spots and as I was walking home with the dog today, it came to me. What if over many years the leopards beautiful coat was misted over with other peoples negative thoughts and beliefs?  What if their fears sprayed a further mist over the beautiful spots […]

A Problem or a Lesson?

   There was some great feedback to last week’s blog about Adam. The topic was about a man in “crisis” and how he took steps forward and what he learned during that experience, about how to overcome the overwhelm that comes with facing a transition and just wishing to run away. When we are faced […]


Adam, was fifty-two years old, married to his childhood sweetheart and lived with his  three adult children.  Entrepreneural, he knew to build his business and was tough, proud, short-fused and yet was aware of his low educational achievements, which lowered his self-esteem.  But inside the pressure cooker of being a responsible, successful businessman, husband, father, […]

Jan 11 2011

I always explain to my clients that I never judge whatever their circumstances are. Who am I to say whether someone is right or wrong, what their behaviour says about them or to criticize or judge them based on what is going on in their life? I believe there is no right or wrong, there […]