Are you having an Abundant August?abundance

The best way to find abundance is to find ways to dramatically simplify your life. So if you’re reading this on your phone or tablet, while you’re on a beach, in a park, in your back garden or even on your balcony – pour yourself a cool drink, sit back, relax, and read three simple ways to find abundance.

  • Unplug yourself from your electronic devices for a while, whether it’s a few hours daily or once a week.  Look at your diary and “book in” a few hours, such as 9am until 5pm every Sunday for the next 8 weeks.  No phone, television, tablet or computer.   You will see a significant boost in confidence, happiness and peace.  After a few weeks, let me know the change in your thoughts and focus.  (Day 12 of my “21 Day Peaceful Challenge” goes into how thoughts shape your life in more detail.  It’s my August Gift to you for FREE!  Have you signed up yet?  CLICK HERE )


  • Learn to accept your current circumstances, weaknesses and failures.  When you learn to accept your current situation, you will also learn that you can change your situation and thoughts over time.  Maybe right now, you are on your own due to a relationship break up? It doesn’t mean that next week you’ll still be on your own, if you take action.  Or maybe right now, you are 14 pounds overweight.  It doesn’t mean that you’ll still be the same next week, if you take action now to exercise and eat healthily.  Or perhaps your business isn’t reaching it’s financial targets?  It doesn’t mean that next week or next month you’ll still be in the same situation, if you take positive steps forward.  There is no rush, just take it one day at a time.  Keep it real.   Once you learn to accept yourself and your situation you will make meaningful changes to your life.


  • If you learn from the past, then the same circumstances will not repeat themselves.  Life is a great learning tool.  But, if you’re focusing too much on your past mistakes and failures you’re on the wrong path.  The people who enjoy success, happiness and abundance in this world are always masters of their own thoughts, and they’ve learned through trial and error how to retain the lessons of the past in their memory, and simply forget the rest.  If you can do the same you will be on your way to more abundance in your life.abundance pebbles


Achieving greater abundance and happiness in life is not impossible, in fact it’s quite the opposite. If you can learn to unplug from time to time, begin each day with acceptance and let go of the past, you’ll be on the road to abundance this August!



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