**A Unique Invitation for YOU**

**A Unique Invitation for YOU**

Thank you for all your good wishes on the occasion of my daughter’s wedding!  As you were reading my 1st May newsletter, I was in Puglia, Italy getting ready with hair and make-up, together with the bride and bridesmaids.  It was great to be Mother of the Bride and feel like a celebrity for a day. I felt truly blessed to have shared the wedding with my mum who will be 90 in December. Her courage to travel to Italy and get in and out of a variety of vehicles, plus walking in challenging places, knew no bounds. Many guests stepped up as her knights in shining armour! 💕She is a true inspiration even though her favourite word was ‘ridiculous’!! Everyone loved her!mum

As promised here are some family pics – the bride and groom and their incredible lemon wedding cake; my beautiful flower girl Ruby and the bride with her friend Katie who introduced her to her future husband! 13102694_10208331305633208_6876531644668330006_nruby and i

wedding cake

The party was truly amazing and now I am back home and ready to serve you. As I couldn’t invite everyone to our celebration, I would like to invite you to……

Celebrate YOU and the part of you who gives birth to ideas, adventures, creates beauty and is inspired to learn and evolve!

We all want to know what will happen in the ‪future‬.

Will I find the right position?
Will I find the right partner?

How will I handle an upcoming situation?

These are natural questions to ask. However, if we keep asking these types of questions, we give our power‬ away to everything outside of ourselves and ignore our inherent abilities to create every aspect of our lives.

We are creators! Each and every person on this planet was created to be a creator. The ability to create is in your DNA. It is in your Etheric Body, the very foundation of who you are which is the very essence of SPIRIT. We are in a very special time period in which our consciousness has risen to a vibratory level in which we can create exactly what we want if we just trust ourselves.human_energy_field

This isn’t the time to ask the questions mentioned above. It is time to dictate what you want and trust your ability to create‬ it.

Instead of asking ‘Will I find the right position?’…

state, “The next position will have ____ that will allow me to express and attain my highest‪ potential‬.”

Instead of asking “Will I find the right partner?”…

state “My next partner will have____ attributes that will allow me to express and receive the highest form of love, happiness and understanding.”

Turn your perspective around from expecting or wondering about your future to creating and dictating your future.

Let’s talk, so I can answer the following questions….. 

What programs are blocking me from allowing myself to create my highest potential?
Do I have any fear programs blocking me from creating what I want in my life?
Why do I not trust myself?
What is blocking me from being comfortable in my life?

Let’s talk.  We will have a clarity, strategy and action session – complimentary and super valuable! 

We’ll talk about your life map:

  • You’ll get clear about your life and what you truly want!
  • We’ll talk about what is the most important step you need to take to reach that Vision Now!
  • I will share with you my best recommendations
  • … and if I believe it will help you, I will tell you about my New 9-Step Core Transformational Program

Be one of the first to schedule your valuable Clarity, Strategy and Action Session by clicking HERE 

Here is a recent testimonial…..

” I met Heather at a seminar in December of 2015. I was interested yet unsure of what her Harmony Coaching involved but I listened with an open mind and agreed to meet up later that month.

I knew that there were a few issues which were a block to my progress in business and this was especially around the area of finance and pricing in particular. Heather described that her work would remove these ‘bugs from the hard-drive’, allowing me a freedom from negative thoughts and self doubt in certain areas.

Over a 3 month programme which included meetings, calls and a team of other really good people who Heather introduced to help, I was able to identify the root cause as well as the solution. I found that I had to move on and not linger on what I discovered but instead to up the value in myself and my business offer. The result of this has been very significant and the investment with Heather has been hugely worthwhile and returned both emotionally and also in securing a contract this week that came about as a result of the changed mindset created through her programme.

For anyone who feels there are blocks resulting in self worth issues which will impact on, Life. business or work….I would recommend talking to Heather Prince for genuine and honest guidance. The investment will be repaid and that was clearly my experience”.

I look forward to hearing from you….



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