7 things NOT to do if you wish to feel happy today

7 things NOT to do if you wish to feel happy today

book_cover (1)We work hard, strive hard at work, in school and in all other aspects of life, because we want to be happy and make those we love happy as well,  Still, even though most of us want to be happy, we often (subconsciously and consciously) do things that result in feeling unhappiness.

Perhaps you are dealing with something you think you can’t handle?  Do you walk away from it?  Or drink alcohol or smoke instead?  Do you lose yourself in partying or jump into a new relationship, so you don’t deal with the problem and you feel hopeless, alone and most of all unhappy in the end?

Problems often equate to unhappiness.  And avoiding your problems doesn’t make you happier because it doesn’t solve anything.  It only makes your problems worse.  Instead of running away, it is important to acknowledge what’s troubling your mind.

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