Inner Child

Inner Child

Thank you to all the hundreds of you who watched me talk about Self Fulfilling Prophecy part 1 and part 2 (Facebook Live) last week.  It’s on my facebook page and You Tube if you missed it.

I am excited to chat to you again, this Wednesday 20th July at 1.30pm  – all about your inner child.  

In each of us, there is a young, suffering child. We have all had times of difficulty as children and many have experienced trauma. To protect and defend ourselves against future suffering, we often try to forget those painful times. Every time we’re in touch with the experience of suffering, we stuff our feelings and memories deep down in our unconscious mind.

We try to keep ourselves constantly entertained—watching television or films, socialising, or using alcohol or drugs—because we don’t want to experience that suffering all over again.

Our wounded child is not only us. Our wounded child may represent several generations. Our mother may have suffered throughout her life. Our father may have suffered. Perhaps our parents weren’t able to look after the wounded child in themselves. So when we’re embracing the wounded child in us, we’re embracing all the wounded children of our past generations. Dealing with our inner child is not a practice for ourselves alone, but for numberless generations of ancestors and descendants.

Our ancestors may not have known how to care for their wounded child within, so they transmitted their wounded child to us. Our practice is to end this cycle. If we can heal our wounded child, we will not only liberate ourselves, but we will also help liberate whoever has hurt or abused us. The abuser may also have been the victim of abuse. There are people who have healed their inner child for a long time who have had a lessening of their suffering and have experienced transformation. Their relationships with their family and friends have also become much easier.inner child

Allow me to share ….

Linda and some of her classmates were abused by her male teacher over 45 years ago.  Yet the memory of standing up in The Old Bailey to tell the jury what happened still haunts her.  The judge called her a liar.  She lived with that memory for over 50 years, causing her pain and suffering, until she worked with her inner child, offering love and forgiveness and releasing all the stuck emotions attached to that experience.  

Alice lost her mother to cancer when she was 11 years old.  Her father believed he could protect her by not allowing her to attend the funeral and not discussing the illness that caused her mother’s death, as she grew up.  He too had lost a parent at a very young age.  Alice lived with that memory for over 40 years, causing sadness and distress, until she worked with her inner child.

Jane’s parents parted when she was 13 years old and her mum then let her boyfriend move in.  He abused Jane.  Her mum did not believe Jane.  In her 40’s Jane was unwell and was in an abusive relationship and had an abusive boss. Jane’s mum had been brought up with a verbally abusive father and was verbally abusive to Jane.  Working with Jane’s inner child and releasing all the old emotions, Jane turned her life around.  

Simon’s mum committed suicide when he was a teenager.  It was hushed up in his family and he believed deep down that it was his fault.  He too needed to work with his inner child, offering love and forgiveness and releasing all the stuck emotions attached to that devastating experience.  

Some of the things I have helped with are ….

  • Sexual abuse
  • Childhood abuse
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Isolation
  • Depression
  • Anger issues (repression to rage)
  • Trauma (past and present)
  • Body image –  obesity, eating disorders etc
  • Psychosomatic – frozen shoulder, back pain, tension, headaches
  • Anxiety – shyness, fear, overwhelm, panic attacks
  • Addiction – drug, alcohol, relationship, sex

Does your inner child need to be heard? Or have you dealt with it, or what did you learn? Let’s start a little convo!

Facebook Live on Wednesday at 1.30pm 

Best wishes



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